Education is of major importance to Smiling Sketches. It is split between research and tutoring.

Α. Research

The Smiling Sketch

A program on cinematic education that profits from techniques used in Forum Theatre. The research hypothesis is that The Smiling Sketch has a boosting effect into the trainees’ empathy. Even before the creation of the company, The Smiling Sketch has been granted the auspices of the Greek Institute of Educational Policies. The Smiling Sketches Company was named after it.

The Smiling Sketch addresses multiple targets: it begun by addressing secondary education tutors who want to use the cinematic language, in order to better teach their curricula. But it can also be adapted to teach filmmaking a-z to novices.

The common denominator in the afore mentioned options is the use of experiencial methods, inspired by the forum theatre techniques, that lead to a solid group, that creates towards the common goal.

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B. Training

C. Courses for youth and/or adults